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Your Property documentation
on hand,
Centrodoc provides an accessible secure online resource for all your property documentation.
From deeds, surveys and searches to contracts and building plans, insurance policies and statutory documentation, you can keep all your files together in one central place to access anytime, anywhere.

Property owners

Centrodoc provides an invaluable resource for property owners and is structured to reflect the main document storage requirements of a property. Unlimited sub-directories can be added to suit your particular requirements, and Centrodoc has the ability to integrate various projects during a building's lifetime, with the main asset documents giving future owners and professionals access to historical information.

This will preserve inherent value in reports and surveys commissioned by a building owner, and make updating and expanding reports considerably simply and cheaper.
Centrodoc is your active property archive.

Project Managers

Centrodoc is tailored to service live project-related requirements and allow a project team to centrally collaborate and share  documents as they are developed, within a simple, intuitive and controlled environment.
Centrodoc facilitates easy, secure sharing of all project-related documents, plans, images and reports, thereby removing the need
for large email attachments and giving the project team constant access to the latest versions of the project documentation.
Centrodoc, your teams go to locations for all project information.
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Unlimited projects

Centrodoc can retain not only your current projects but all of your historic ones too. Providing an invaluable mobile resource accessible wherever and whenever you have an internet connection.


We are able to expand our storage to suit all sizes of property and project.


The more information that is stored makes the system more useful to all the users.


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Unique file structure
Industry standard templates and intuitive folder structures makes using Centrodoc simple and straightforward, encouraging all users to store documents where others can find them.


By using a rigid root directory quickly establishes habits, guiding users to save documents logically.


Freedom to add unlimited sub-folder structures keeps grouped documents and reports together, keeping attachments and related documents in one place and making them easily transferable.

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Create shares

Refined for the latest release are Shares, bespoke collections of documents that can be kept together for onward distribution.


Either tailored individually for users or accessible by all members of a company, Shares keep documents together for distribution by a copy and paste-able link.


Enabling distribution via personalised email, a share gives access to members and non-members, once accessed, all the files and folders in the share are downloaded to the user's computer.

Any device, anywhere

Centrodoc can now easily be accessed via desk-top, tablet or mobile device, with screen proportions automatically adjusted between devices. Accessing documents and files on the go or in meetings has never been easier, no need for VPN or Citrix connections.


Files and photographs can now be uploaded directly from devices eradicating any need to down load to a desktop first.

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Built for dummies!

Simplicity is the key! Developed for all users Centrodoc avoids complicated access tracking and comments to ensure even the occasional user will find accessing and sharing documents simple and intuitive. Avoiding rarely used functions of more complicated sites keeps life simple.

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Streamlined photo and image handling

Photo and image files now have their own viewer making sharing progress and regular photo updates quick and easy, keeping the whole team up to date with progress or issues in real time.

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Search and you will find

Powerful uopgraded search function makes finding documents across all projects quick and simple. Finding search criteria in file names and file contents of compatible file types.


Recent List also schedules latest uploads using a number of criteria to always stay up to date with activity.

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Due diligence made simple
Make Centrodoc your default transaction
sharing solution giving prospective
purchaser teams access to all documents
and accelerating due diligence and
reporting. No more data rooms for
technical documents that get emptied
post transaction.