The ease with which we now exchange information digitally has made us lazy about storage. The diverse nature of information on any property is typically scattered around the in-boxes and internal systems of numerous individuals and organisations involved with a property.
Centrodoc provides an accessible secure online resource for all property-related documentation. From deeds, surveys and searches to contracts and building plans, insurance policies and statutory documentation, keep all your files together in one central place to access anytime, anywhere - controlled by you.

All your documentation in one secure location making storing and access for all members of the team quick and simple


Build the property store as the project progresses. With all documents uploaded, your building's virtual filing cabinet is created


Access for all members of the team streamlines communications over all aspects of the project


Centrodoc is tailored for desktop, mobile and tablets ensuring access on the go, anywhere


All files in one location means no more scanning email boxes looking for historic attachments


Moving the central file with the property ownership saves thousands on repeat surveys, searches etc and adds tangible value to your asset