The Cloud provides the ultimate opportunity for secure data storage and on-line access. It is, however, only a data storage facility and needs careful management to take full advantage of its inherent potential. Centrodoc brings structure to this increasingly chaotic facility, allowing you to take control.
Within The Cloud, Centrodoc stores all of your property's documentation in one intuitively ordered system meaning any file can be easily found by any member of the team anywhere. No more emailing single files to multiple recipients. Centrodoc allows you to grant access to whoever needs it and keeps an audit trail of who has accessed what.
  • Your building's online filing cabinet
  • Instant secure access from
    any device
  • Files and photographs
    uploaded directly
  • Easier than DropBox or WeTransfer for large files

  • More secure than email for any file

  • Unique project file structure with logical hierarchy
  • Drag and drop to folders

  • File search facility and photo browser in-built

  • The easiest, most convenient way to store and share information