During a property's lifetime vast amounts of money are spent on planning, surveys, design, architecture, marketing and leasing. All these disciplines create volumes of valuable documentation which, as time progresses, can become harder to recall. This can often lead to the need for the work to be repeated.
Centrodoc preserves the inherent value in reports and surveys commissioned and makes updating them simpler and cheaper. Your building's Centrodoc file grows into a complete library covering every aspect of its life. It is therefore a tangible asset that stays with the the building and is of special value when it comes to change of ownership.

Development value

Use Centrodoc from day one and never have to think twice again about where any information is or whether it is up-to-date.

Every aspect of the development and life of your property is stored in one central location.

Marketing value

All photographic, architectural and building specification information is available to your marketing team, making the marketing and leasing process a whole lot easier and lessening demands for information from your other consultants.

Management value

Centrodoc is tailored to service live project related requirements allowing the team to centrally collaborate and share documents as they are developed.

On completion of the project, Centrodoc provides an easily accessible resource available for the life of the building.

Sales value

Creation of the data room when it comes to the investment sale of a property can be a major exercise in itself.

With Centrodoc, all the necessary information is to hand in one location ready for you to download the elements needed.

Time is money

All through the life of your building time is saved - transactions are sped up with all the information in one place.

Centrodoc turns your information into an asset.