How many projects can I have on Centrodoc?
The more the merrier! Using Centrodoc as your default resources creates familiarity and speeds up distribution of documents. Adding all your properties ensures you will always have access to all your files and documents without clunky VPN.
How many files can be uploaded in one go?
Generally as many files as you like providing the collective total are under 150Mb. Drag and drop whole folder trees from your file explorer to speed up populating projects.
How secure is Centrodoc?
Centrodoc is a server-based resource hosted by industry leader Memset (, all stored on the UK based datacentres. Utilising the latest security protocols and secure servers and conform to ISO27001 security accreditation and also CESG IL2 accreditation for government. For full details see Centrodoc's security and resilience statement.
What if I want to cancel my Centrodoc licence?

Providing all support and licence payments are up to date you can cancel anytime, we can for a small cost deliver all your data on a solid-state disk.

Is there a limit to the number of users on a project/property?

Strength in numbers! Giving all project team members access maintains better control and security, allowing leavers to be removed without password risk and ensures accurate records of access and upload information. Controlling users is simple for the project administrator.

Who adds members and is responsible for uploading?

Centrodoc simplicity and ease of use means it is simple for the licence holder or nominated member to control team members and ensure documents are stored sensibly, ensuring the project is controlled by someone embedded in the project and keeps support costs down.

Do Centrodoc populate projects and properties?

Yes, although this is an additional service. Centrodoc work with a number of industry partners to harvest documents using the latest bulk scanning or file retrieval techniques to ensure the properties are set up sensibly and most importantly ensuring the resource is logical and readily accessible.