Are we on the Same Page?

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We are now video conferencing everywhere - but do we all have access to the same info?

Rewind a couple of months and nobody had really heard of Zoom - enter Corona and it is now the go to video conference tool for anything from virtual pub quizzes to home schooling.  Together with other platforms the video meeting has now become an integral part of the property industry.


In preparation for these meetings there will most probably be vast amounts of information that need to be collated and circulated form various parties to various parties trying to ensure all participants have the necessary, and up-to-date, files need.  At the meetings conclusion there will be avoids actions, new documentation and a further extensive exchange of files through email, WeTransfer, Dropbox and the likes…


…or - you already use Centrodoc.


• All documentation for that property project in one place

• All documents filed in an intuitive file hierarchy tailored for the property industry

• Chronological ordering of files

• Instant access for your meeting participants


Everyone on the same screen - Everyone on the same page