Centrodoc rebranded and ready for Autumn launch

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We have spent time this year re-considering our brand and corporate theme to more accurately reflect our product and lead us into an Autumn marketing campaign
Centrodoc has dropped its previous corporate theme "For the Project - For the Building" in favour of "A Place for Everything" which more accurately conveys our USP of simple accessible data filing and sharing.
The website has been redesigned and header images and headlines developed for each page to enhance the messages contained in that page.  These creative concepts may be used as the imagery for future social media and other digital based marketing.
A Place for Everything has been used on the landing page basically summarising the offer and introducing the new corporate theme.
The Silver Lining has been developed to emphasise cloud-based storage is nothing without organisation - the major benefit that Centrodoc offers.
Endorsing you asset draws attention to the inherent value that Centrodoc creates for a building or development by providing access to every survey, drawing, photograph, report or piece of legal documentation ever produced.
Ask Around - a very simple concept.  With the growing number of users and future developments you are better off asking one of our existing clients than one of the Centrodoc team.