Centrodoc Reaches 1,000 Users

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Centrodoc now has over 1,000 users and has proved itself as the go to document filing and retrieval system for the property market.  We are confident, based on client feedback, that this will double as we enter 2020 and we are gearing up our tech and servers accordingly.
The simplicity and usability of Centrodoc's cloud based project data filing system has been the key to its success.  There are other systems out there but these are, in the main, aimed at specific sectors of the property industry such as construction.  They bring many levels of functionality specific to that market sector and as such are too complicated for the "property data file" need that Centrodoc addresses.
Centrodoc does not aim to replace or compete with these sector specific software systems but exists as an overall filing system. It is owned by the developer, accessed by all project disciplines and team members and allows the continuous use of all other necessary systems.