Why Centrodoc

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Collaboration for the Property Industry

If you are in the Property Industry looking for a data filing, storage, retrieval and collaboration system the answer is simple - there is no other offer comparable to Centrodoc. There are, however, a number of generic solutions available and many of our existing clients were struggling to use these before switching to Centrodoc. Having moved and thus realised Centrodoc has been specifically developed for property owners none have looked back.


Fundamentally Centrodoc is not just a collaboration tool. It has an inbuilt filing system tailored to the needs of the property owner. This covers all aspects of building ownership and projects, such as development, associated with that building.  One could attempt to use one of the various generic systems available to try to achieve the same results but why strive when the most commonly reported negatives regarding said systems is the ability to create and manage file hierarchy?

To shed a little more light research has shown the following as the most documented complaints regarding popular generic web-based collaborative platforms:  They are accompanied by Centrodoc’s solutions


Re-organisation of file hierarchy needs a third-party tool
The incumbent File Hierarchy in Centrodoc has been established specifically for the property industry and has been developed with input from developers, funds, architects and marketeers.


No back-up facility
Centrodoc operates on state-of-the-art, government approved, Memset servers based in Guildford. Full sequential back-up service is included


Overly complicated
Drag, drop, share, secure - Centrodoc is straightforward to use as it only exists to do what it what it was designed for


Control over rights and shares
Logged in as an admin you have full control over access rights to folders and content within the Property’s File thus allowing selected access to areas you define whilst keeping others private


Constant service issues
In five years of operation this has never been a reported issue with Centrodoc


Expensive to license
One fee - unlimited data, unlimited users